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If you park in the garage on Columbia St. during the week be sure to only park in the upper level. The lower level is all permit parking only. Also be aware that it is CASH ONLY for payment.

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We want your parking experience to be super easy when you come to see us, so here is the skinny on parking in downtown Bangor:

-Parking anywhere is always FREE after 5pm during the week and all day on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) This same rule of thumb applies for the Columbia St. parking garage, also called the Hammond St. Lot, which is located less than a block away from the salon

-Parking during weekday business hours is easiest in the upper level of the Columbia St. parking garage, also called the Hammond St. Lot, and it's only $0.50 per hour (CASH ONLY) so you can use your change from your catch all space in your car

-If you'd like to take a stroll through downtown Bangor before coming in, the Pickering Square parking garage is FREE for your first (2) hours of parking and only $0.50 per hour after that

-There is on street parking all along Main St. and surrounding side streets that are generally 90 minute spots so check for those if you're coming in for a shorter service

-Franklin St. has 2 Hour parking and is only a short walk away from the salon

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