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Keep in mind that Columbia St parking garage has limited spaces and is cash only. Pickering Square will accept credit card payments.

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We want your parking experience to be super easy when you come to see us, so here is the skinny on parking in downtown Bangor:

-If you're coming in for a color service the Pickering Square parking garage is the best bet. It's FREE for your first (2) hours of parking and only $0.50 per hour after that!

-The Columbia St parking garage upper level has limited paid spots that are $0.50/hour cash only. This garage is located a block away from the salon.

-Parking anywhere is always FREE after 5pm during the week and all day on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) This same rule of thumb applies for the Columbia St. parking garage, also called the Hammond St. Lot, which is located less than a block away from the salon

-There is on street parking all along Main St. and surrounding side streets that are generally 90 minute spots so check for those if you're coming in for a shorter service

-Franklin St. has 2 Hour parking and is only a short walk away from the salon

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