Wind in her Hair

Tier I Stylist Pricing


Tidy Up

Bang trim, undercut, neck trim, beard trim



Most Hair Lengths


Clipper Cut

Haircut + Length/Extra Hot Tools

Lengths below 1”





Stand-alone shampoo + blowout


Blowout, Extra Styling

Stand-alone shampoo + blowout + hot tools


Special Event Styling

Red carpet hair for a special event



Nutriplenish Treatment

Customized treatment designed to restore moisture to all hair types, by harnessing the power of pomegranate oil, mango butter, and coconut oil.


Botanical Therapy

Breakthrough plant micro-technology penetrates strands for intense moisture or repair with customized treatments to meet your personal needs -restoring balance to the ecosystem of your scalp and hair.


Treatment Hair Masques

To add a bit more intensity to your normal conditioner add these hair masques in place of conditioner at the shampoo bowl to either, combat frizz, repair damage, enhance moisture, or add some spring to your curls.


Botanical Repair

Add to your lightener or color to protect the bonds of the hair. Some lightening / color services may require this add on.



At The Noble Root Salon we know all about wanting longer thicker hair. All of our Hair Artists are certified in Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions. Whether you are in search of added length, higher density, or fun pops of color without having to alter your natural hair we have you covered. Your hair journey begins with a complimentary consultation where one of our team members will discover what you are looking for and find the perfect color blend for you. Call today and schedule your consultation.


Lightening services are a great way to brighten your overall look. However, the path to your #HAIRGOALS is not always a straight line. Many factors contribute to the amount of time, product, and visits that will be required to achieve your desired result. Prices below are based upon most hair types. If you have very long /thick hair the price may vary from the list below. For an exact quote please book a complimentary consultation to be sure we are able to meet your expectations on time and budget. Note: We are not able to provide quotes over the phone and without seeing your hair in person.

Partial Foil

This service is a dimensional blonding service that will give you lightness through the front and top of your hair. This is for the guest who is looking for a natural result with their blonde highlights reaching all the way to the root. Babylighting or Teasylighting techniques generally require a higher concentration of blonde and may require extra time and or product.


Full Foil

A full foil adds dimensional blonde highlights through all areas of the head. So even if the wind blows or you have your hair pulled into a pony you’ll look bright and sunny. Babylighting or Teasylighting techniques generally require a higher concentration of blonde and may require extra time and or product.


Bleach + Tone Maintenance

This is a maintenance appointment for the already bleached and toned. This is for the guest who comes in every 3-5 weeks to maintain their perfect shade of blonde.


Bleach + Tone

This process transforms all the hairs on your head to a lighter shade. Note: Some desired results will require more than one visit.



The subtle sweeping of haircolor onto the hair. Work with your stylist to create dimension through color, unveiling a customized look that is soft and natural. Following your natural hair growth patterns, this technique will give you subtle beachy lightness in all the right places.


Pintrest Overhaul 

(By consultation only)

This service is for the dark haired guest scrolling through blonde haircolor photos on Pinterest. It combines multiple blonding services, requires extra time, product, and may require more than one session. Call today to get your hair journey started with us.


Here at the noble root we are passionate about color. We are committed to ensuring you are getting your perfect result. We have done our absolute best to give you an accurate depiction of available services. This list is inclusive of techniques most often requested. Your desired result may require more time, expertise, and product and therefore a larger investment. For an exact quote please book a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists.

The Noble Root Retouch

Maintenance service to cover your gray or to adjust your natural base color. This service is designed for the guest who comes in every 3-5 weeks to maintain their perfect color.


The Noble Roots to Ends

Brunette Revolution

Choose this option if you are blonde or red and want to be a brunette. This is typically a double process service, which requires more time, product, and investment to create.


Ginger Transformation

This service is designed for guests who need a color retouch as well as a complete refresh of all remaining length. Appointment designed for guests who Maintain their color every 6-8 Weeks.


Choose this option if you are currently blonde or brown and want to be red, copper, ginger, or strawberry it may require additional steps, product, and investment to create the best color for you.



Brighten Up

Add on a face framing highlights or some lighter pieces through your part. Add this to any color service to make it subtly dimensional.


T-Zone Retouch

This is an in between color appointment. If seeing your gray is NOT an option this can be done quickly and colors only the surface hair. Not available for all over lightener.


The Noble Root Retouch

Add a Noble Root Retouch to any highlighting service to cover your grays or adjust your root color.


Shadow Root/ Root Smudge

Adds depth and dimension to the base of your highlight.


Grey Blending

Turn back the clock with this 5 minute add-on and give some depth to your grey hair.